NET SHAPES  Philosophy


NET SHAPES, INC. is a leading investment casting foundry dedicated to providing superior value through our commitment to a higher standard of quality.

Our quality driven philosophy positions us to supply our customers' need for castings in a wide variety of alloys with complex configurations, precise dimensional tolerances, high volume quantities, short lead times, and competitive prices.

NET SHAPES' responsive customer support is designed to meet the timely needs of every customer. You gain the reliability and expertise of our investment casting foundry team who is devoted to exceeding the demands of our aerospace, military and commercial customers.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce ideas that may produce considerable cost savings by reducing machine time, refining surface finishes, and improving reproducibility in accordance with your unique casting requirements.



On-Line Process Control

NET SHAPES' foundry process control is structured to ensure efficiency, precise reproducibility and promote technological innovation.

Highly refined on-line process controls are employed at every stage of the manufacturing process:

  • Wax pattern production
  • Wax pattern assembly
  • Ceramic shell mold
  • Casting
  • Cleaning

Our in-house specialists work directly with each customer. Combining the expertise of our staff with state of the art equipment, NET SHAPES produces complex castings in a cost-efficient manner.



Machining Capabilities

By supplying fully machined castings, we help our customers achieve their goals of reducing the costs of lead times associated with third party machining and finishing applications.

NET SHAPES employs advanced technology and manufacturing methods in our machining centers by use of four-axis vertical CNC, conventional milling and turning machines.


Tool Making & Design

Our staff of highly skilled toolmakers further ensures delivering the utmost quality to our customers. In-house tool construction gives NET SHAPES total control over tooling quality and facilitates unusually short lead times for sample and production.

From blueprint to finished casting, NET SHAPES' commitment to a higher standard of quality ensures on-time delivery of orders that are right the first time.


Commitment to Quality

NET SHAPES is committed to supplying our customers with premium quality investment castings which fulfill the rigid requirements of today's globally competitive business environment.

Continuous on-site inspection and metallurgical testing is conducted at critical steps during the manufacturing process.

Quality control inspections include: dimensional inspection of wax and casting, analysis of physical and chemical metallurgical properties, and evaluation of the internal and surface integrity of the castings.

NET SHAPES manufactures a wide range of complex geometry, thin wall castings that comply with strict quality specifications and requirements. These results are achieved by teaming together advanced production and engineering capabilities with sophisticated process control and quality assurance procedures.

Applications of statistical process control in key processes ensure superior consistency, accuracy and process integrity.